June 2024

Changes and Errors that have come into the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Worship. –
By adopting the trinity, they now serve a different god to the Biblical Only One God. This was done as the Seventh-day Adventist church was being referred to as a sect, which the General Conference hierarchy did not like.

Omnipresence. –
By adopting the trinity, they do not preach upon the fact that Jesus has forever forfeited His Omnipresence by giving us His Holy Spirit since Pentecost so that He could be with His people [“lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end.”]. As a man Christ ascended to heaven, bearing a sanctified, holy humanity. He took this humanity with him into the heavenly courts, and through the eternal ages he will bear it. He bears our human form before the Father’s throne, and through eternal ages. Christ’s humanity will demonstrate for eternal ages the question which settled the controversy. As a man He will come again with power and glory to receive His children.

Baptism. – This should be done “In the name of Jesus” and not to the corrupted Matthew 28:19 text.

Word of God. – Rather than just use the King James Version / Louis Second / and other similar translations, the church has entertained many corrupt versions of God’s Word, despite the death of many people in the preservation of God’s Word.

Creed. – The original S.D.A. 25 Fundamental Principles have been changed to 28 Fundamental Beliefs. These, together with the Church Manual, now act as the church Creed. Originally, only the Bible was the Creed.

Church Location. – Often located in densely populated areas which involves using car parks and implies Sabbath payment.

Reverence My Sanctuary. – Rather than time spent in silent prayer, meditation and Bible reading, the sanctuary is often now a hive of social talking, laughter and noise in general both before and after meetings.

Reverence My Sanctuary. – The church has permitted various forms of musical instruments to accompany the singing. Such are not sacred and are a distraction in our worship to our Heavenly Father.

Social Meetings. – Such meetings were held in the early church, often on Sabbath afternoons, in which testimonies from church members were given. On one occasion in 1889 it is recorded that “There were 185 testimonies borne, short and right to the point.” At some unknown date, these meetings ceased to be part of the Sabbath programme of meetings.

Church Programmes. – Many church programmes have their roots in secular churches.

Tithe. – God gave His plan of Systematic Benevolence to the church until “the end of time”. Through neglect of the pastors to teach their rich this system, the S.D.A. church chose to adopt a “10% Tithe for everyone”. As a result, many poor people and those in poorer countries do not pay Tithes because they cannot afford the 10% Tithe. Under Systematic Benevolence, their Tithe would have been about 1%.

Hymnals. – The words to many of our hymns have changed to suit the false doctrine of the trinity. Old traditional hymns have also been replaced by modern ones from the secular churches.

Sabbath fellowship lunch. – The adjoining kitchen to the sanctuary is often used to cook / heat food on the Sabbath with cooking smells coming into the sanctuary.

Sabbath collections. – These were done on Sundays but now are done during the Divine Service and other services. In some churches, even the counting and recording of these tithes, offerings and other / special collections is done on the Sabbath.

Charities. – The church has adopted charity status to obtain tax relief / rebates. In doing so, it has become entangled with their requirements which are now a burden to the church.

Health Reform. – Despite the heath message, given well over 120 years ago, many of the church members / pastors are not vegan / vegetarian. These messages were given to the early church for our benefit in serving God and showing to the world that God’s ways are different to those of mankind. Today, these messages are disregarded by many where, even in the churches, members dress and eat very worldly showing disrespect to God.

Youth. – From the Adventurer Club [4-9 years] to the Pathfinder Club [10-18 years], the S.D.A. church has adopted many of the ways of secular churches and groups. The children, rather than the adults, have become the focus of attention. This was never the case in the early church.

Salary. – Originally, ministers were not paid a salary. Pastors and others were then paid a salary as employment was with the S.D.A. church.