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Subjects that we have covered to-date are:
1 Original Bible Book Order & 2 Original Bible Book List
The Bible as given by God
7 major sections and 49 [=7 x 7] books, where 7 is the number God uses for sacredness / perfection / completion.
49 [=7 x 7] signifies ultimate completion and perfection.
777 signifies Jesus Christ.
Man cannot accept this – let’s change it to remove these messages given by God.
Over time, almost everything has been changed by man to remove God’s Word from His people.
Regarding books in God’s Word, we now have 66 – with the central focus that was upon Jesus now removed.
6 represents man – 666 the mark of the beast – so there is no surprise at man being involved with 66.
So what is God’s Bible book order?
Published: 09.01.16
Last update: 04.03.17 re 1   &   02.07.16 re 2
3. Dating and Authorship of the Old Testament Books – List showing main written book dates and the writers of these Scriptures.
Published: 26.02.17
Last update: 26.02.17
Baptism – S.o.P. quotes – What does Baptism really involve? – The meaning of Baptism.
Published: 03.10.15
Last update: 03.10.15
Bible Numbers Explained – What do the Bible numbers mean? God’s hidden messages studied and explained in detail. The Bible code revealed.
Published: 16.01.16
Last update: 02.02.16
Bible Numbers Explained in List Format – What do the Bible numbers mean? The Bible code revealed.
Published: 12.02.16
Last update: 12.02.16
Daniel and Revelation explained – A verse by verse understanding of God’s Word – Daniel simplified – The Revelation explained – past and future events – 666 explained – the New Jerusalem.
Note: God’s Word is never complete, so this project continues – please regularly check for updates.
Published: 02.11.13
Last update: 30.09.17
Ellen G. White Writings – List format – A detailed listing of her writings being The Spirit of Prophecy; the listing appears in date order.
Note: 2000 and later is still to be finalised – please regularly check for updates.
Published: 15.04.16
Last update: 15.04.16
Gematria – [THIS PROVES THAT GOD EXISTS – It is well beyond the capabilities of mankind ! ]
Part 1 – Introduction & God’s messages – Nos. 1 – 60.
Part 2Proof of God – The amazing No. 153.
Part 3 – God’s messages – Nos. 61 – 100.
Part 4 – To follow.
Published: 20.02.16
Last update: 28.05.16 re. Part 2.
Genealogy of Jesus – God’s hidden message – The salvation message – God’s hidden message  – not just to Noah [see Genesis 5 Message & S.o.P.] but right up to the formation of God’s church.
Published: 27.05.17
Last update: 27.05.17
Genesis 5 Message & S.o.P. – The salvation message – God’s hidden message in Genesis 5.
Published: 19.09.15
Last update: 21.01.16
God and anniversaries – What does God say about anniversaries? – Should we have anniversaries?
Published: 02.11.13
Last update: 15.12.13
God and birthdays – Birthdays and the Bible – Should we celebrate birthdays? – Are birthdays pagan? – How should parents treat their children on their birthdays? – Are birthdays good or bad? – How should we spend birthdays?
Published: 28.05.13
Last update: 15.12.13
God and christmas – What does God say about christmas? – Was Christ born on Christmas day? – Should we have a christmas tree? – Children’s presents – How should we celebrate christmas?
Published: 02.11.13
Last update: 15.12.13
God and holidays – Are holidays good or bad? – How should we spend holidays? – How should parents treat their children on their holidays?
Published: 28.05.13
Last update: 15.12.13
God and voting – Should we vote? What should we do at election times?
Published: 23.05.17
Last update: 23.05.17
God wants us to be Vegans – Are you? – His children must follow where He has led the way; at whatever sacrifice of ease or selfish indulgence, at whatever cost of labor or suffering, they must maintain a constant battle with self. {AA 565.3}
Published: 29.04.16
Last update: 29.04.16
God’s Word in the ORIGINAL book order – Almost everything has been changed by Satan and his workers – this document, while still adhering to the KJV Bible text, corrects the important order issue.
Published: 27.04.16
Last update: 28.04.16
God’s Word The KJV Bible – Proof, using Gematria, that God has only one Bible for us to use. Also proof that the man-made NKJV bible and all other modern versions are corrupt. Also a free sermon – just print off!
Published: 27.01.18
Last update: 27.01.18; updated 11.04.18 [Additional Note added at the start re. Hebrews 9:12]
Home – This page.
Published: 01.04.13
Recent changes: 27.05.17 Genealogy of Jesus – God’s hidden message published.   15.07.17 Prophecy & Fulfilment published.   List of Dates and Events from Creation 4004 B.C. to 1A.D. inc. 3 B.C. September 11 between 6:18 pm and 7:39 pm [Jerusalem time] – The Birth of Jesus updated 11.08.17.   Planets & Stars at the Birth of Jesus published 16.08.17. When did Jesus die? – Jesus died on Friday 31 AD April 27 at 3 pm [Nisan 14] published 21.08.17.  Pi and some of it’s Secrets generally updated 06.09.17. Daniel and Revelation explained generally updated 30.09.17.  God’s Word The KJV Bible published  27.01.18. Tithe Systematic Benevolence published 24.02.18. God’s Word The KJV Bible updated  11.04.18. Joseph Jesus parallels published 20.08.18. What a Message from God ! published 03.09.18.
Important Bible Bits
Published: 18.06.16
Last update: 18.06.16
Isn’t God speaking through Gematria regarding the return of Jesus?
Published: 21.01.17
Last update: 21.01.17
Joseph Jesus parallels
Published: 20.08.18
Last update: 20.08.18
Last Day Events – Ellen G. White
Published: 17.06.13
Last update: 18.06.16
List of Dates and Events from Creation 4004 B.C. to 1 A.D. inc. 3 B.C. September 11 between 6:18 pm and 7:39 pm [Jerusalem time] – The Birth of Jesus – Have you ever wanted a full list of Biblical dates? Here is a detailed list of Old Testament dates and events; from the Bible and other sources.
Published: 13.07.17
Last update: 11.08.17
Maranatha – Ellen G. White
Published: 18.06.13
Last update: 18.06.16
Melchisedec / Melchizedek – Who was Melchizedek? – Was Melchizedek Christ? – Melchizedek explained.
Published: 29.05.13
Last update: 15.12.13
Old & New Covenant – Old Covenant explained – New Covenant explained.
Published: 10.01.16
Last update: 10.01.16
Paul’s Shipwreck Journey – From Crete to Melita [Malta] – An important topic to study and an even more important set of videos for ALL Christians to watch.
Published: 01.06.16
Last update: 01.06.16
Pi and some of it’s Secrets – When will Jesus return? When will Christ come? These are questions that are often asked. The amazing Pi that reveals a lot more!
Published: 16.05.16
Last update: 06.09.17
Planets & Stars at the Birth of Jesus – The heavens declare the Glory of God. Proof of the Birth of Jesus on 3BC September 11. Angels guided the Magi.
Published: 16.08.17
Last update: 16.08.17
Proof of God’s Creation Week – The Creation week all linked together as one continuous event.
Published: 04.06.16
Last update: 04.06.16
Prophecy & Fulfilment – The important dates of 1 November 1755; 19 May 1780 & 12/13 November 1833 prove that the Bible is true.
Published: 15.07.17
Last update: 15.07.17
Recommended Bible Readings
Published: 30.04.16
Last update: 30.04.16
Sanctuary Reverence – Reverence in God’s church. Beware ! – the apostasy in God’s church.
Published: 30.01.16
Last update: 30.01.16
The Great Controversy [1911] – Chapters 35 – 42 – Ellen G. White
Published: 18.06.13
Last update: 18.06.16
Tithe and Systematic Benevolence – Tithe and the Bible – Why should we pay tithe? – Why did God ordain tithe? – Tithe in the early Seventh-day Adventist church – Why was Systematic Benevolence changed in the early SDA church? – How much tithe does the SDA church get? – What is the definition of tithe? – Should we still pay tithe? – Should we tithe on gross or nett income? – Should children tithe? – Should the elderly tithe? Tithe and debt – Tithe withheld – Non-payment of tithe – Is a tithe just 10% or what? – God’s provision for the poor – Where should I send my tithe? – in fact, Tithe fully explained !
Published: 02.10.13
Last update: 29.08.15
Tithe Systematic Benevolence – Error in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Published: 24.02.18
Last update: 24.02.18
What a message from God !
Published: 03.09.18
Last update: 03.09.18
When did Jesus die? – Jesus died on Friday 31 AD April 27 at 3 pm [Nisan 14] – The date proven from the Bible / S.o.P. in conjunction with other reliable sources.
Published: 21.08.17
Last update: 21.08.17