October 2023


God designs that the PERIODICALS, PAMPHLETS, and BOOKS issued from the office shall bless the whole world with rays of light, which like the beams of the sun will penetrate the dense darkness which covers the earth like a funeral pall; but unless men shall advance in spiritual wisdom, in grace, in the knowledge of GOD and HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON JESUS CHRIST, a demoralized state of things will be brought in. {Ms12-1896}
I have been shown that but few have any correct idea of what the distribution of and TRACTS is doing. {RH, December 19, 1878 par. 4}
When church members realize the importance of the circulation of our LITERATURE, they will devote more time to this work. TRACTS, and BOOKS will be placed in the homes of the people, to preach the gospel in their several lines. The temperance work will be carried forward. The church must give her attention to the canvassing work. {Ms113-1901}
The and TRACTS can go where the living preacher cannot go, and where if he could go he would have no access to the people, because of their prejudice against the truth. {RH, December 19, 1878 par. 3}
Many who are hungry for the bread of life have not the privilege of hearing the word from God’s delegated preachers. For this reason it is essential that our publications be widely circulated. The sheets that come from the groaning press to be prepared as TRACTS and bound up as BOOKS are to go forth to all parts of the earth. Thus the message will go where the living preacher can not go, and the attention of many will be called to the important events connected with the closing scenes of this world’s history. {MC 5.1}
Very much more can be accomplished by the living preacher with the circulation of and TRACTS than by the preaching of the word alone without the publications. {MC 76.4}
Bring out important points of truth bearing directly upon genuine conversion—TRACTS of a few pages—and multiply copies for circulation. {Lt34-1875}
These TRACTS should be brief, right to the point, and made intensely interesting. {PH123 113.1}
There are many places in which the voice of the minister cannot be heard, places which can be reached only by our publications—the BOOKS, , and TRACTS filled with the Bible truths that the people need. {Ms40-1903}
There is a great need of LEAFLETS and TRACTS, some containing short articles, others presenting the messages of warning, the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Sabbath, treated in brief, and its relation to the truth of the doctrines substantiated by the Scriptures should be circulated. There is a world to be warned. Health subjects in clear, forcible, spirited articles, health and temperance principles, and experiences of faith and hope—all should be presented to the world. {Lt31-1897}
New TRACTS of moral vineyard are to be cultivated as the garden of the Lord. The honor of the law of God is to be vindicated before the unfallen worlds, before the heavenly universe, and before the fallen world. {BTS, December 1, 1903 par. 5}
Plain statements must be made. Unvarnished truth must be spoken, in LEAFLETS and PAMPHLETS, and these must be scattered like the leaves of autumn. {9T 230.4}
Simple TRACTS, passing from your hands to those who know not the truth, speak words that are to the point. The doing of this work will prove a blessing to you and to those whose attention is thus arrested. Do everything in your power to give light to others. Thus doing, you will receive light. None can estimate the usefulness of our LITERATURE or the influence of the truth that these BOOKS and PAMPHLETS contain. As those to whom they are distributed read the printed words, angels of God will impress their minds. {Lt90-1910}
The truth must be published far more extensively than it yet has been. It must be defined in clear, sharp lines before the people. It must be presented in short, but conclusive arguments, and plans must be laid that at every meeting where the Truth has been set before the people, it may be followed by the distribution of TRACTS and PAMPHLETS. {HM, February 1, 1890 par. 1}
The words of Scripture should be printed and published just as they read. It would be well if the nineteenth and the greater portion of the twentieth chapters of Exodus, with verses twelve to eighteen of the thirty-first chapter, were printed just as they stand. Crowd these truths into SMALL BOOKS and PAMPHLETS, and let the word of God speak to the people. When a discourse concerning the law is preached that is right to the point, if you have any means of doing so, get it into a printed LEAFLET. Then when those who plead for Sunday laws meet you, place these LEAFLETS in their hands. Tell them that you have no discussion over the Sunday question; for you have a plain “Thus saith the Lord” for the keeping of the seventh day. {RH, March 26, 1908 par. 9}
There are many who are seeking for light in the darkness. If our , TRACTS, and BOOKS, expressing the truth in plain Bible language, could be widely circulated, many would find that they are just what they want. {4T 392.1}
There should be more earnest efforts made to enlighten the people upon the great subject of health reform. TRACTS of four, eight, twelve, sixteen, and more pages, containing pointed, well-written articles on this great question, should be scattered like the leaves of autumn. Small TRACTS on the different points of Bible truth applicable to the present time should be printed in different languages and scattered where there is any probability that they would be read. TRACTS, , and BOOKS, as the case demands, should be circulated in all the cities and villages in the land. Here is missionary work for all. {RH, November 4, 1875 par. 4}
This man has LEAFLETS and discourses printed and has the most striking representations and the figures of the twenty-three hundred days, the sanctuary, and every point of present truth standing out in vivid representations. He is, we believe, God’s messenger to wake up the churches. {Lt351-1905}
TRACTS upon the important points of truth for the present time should be handed out freely to all who will accept them. . . . You are to sow beside all waters. {PH122 5.4}
We need LEAFLETS in our camp meetings that contain sharp jots and tittles on important points of our faith, such as the Sabbath question. Also on the preservation of the law of God in the ark, its immutability, its surviving the cross, and its force needs to be dwelt upon. Another point that needs to be clearly defined is the wicked apostasy from the Law of God, and the neglect to follow the special directions, given by Jesus Christ Himself to ancient Israel, to teach diligently to their children the commandments of God. {Lt20-1893}
We received the PAMPHLETS in reference to Redemption and the Apostles. {Lt14-1878}
With the Word of God, publications and TRACTS go forth with the “Sword of the Spirit.” {Ms151-1906}
Hand our and PAMPHLETS to those with whom you associate, when you are riding on the cars, visiting, conversing with your neighbors; and improve every opportunity to speak a word in season. The Holy Spirit will make the seed productive in some hearts. {RH, June 18, 1908 par. 3}
Our BOOKS and TRACTS and will go where we cannot go. As these messengers are sent on their way, they will give their message. No one can enter into controversy with them, for they cannot answer back. They stand as dumb, but powerful witnesses for the truth. {Ms81-1901}
They may become workers for God by distributing to their neighbors TRACTS and that correctly represent our faith, and by sending these silent messengers through the mails to those who are willing to read and investigate. {RH, December 10, 1914 par. 3}
Publications should have been issued in different languages. {Lt188-1899}
LEAFLETS containing the light of present truth should be scattered among the people like the leaves of autumn. To many who attend these gatherings, these LEAFLETS would be as the leaves of the tree of life, which are for the healing of the nations. {Lt296-1904}
We know not what may be the results of giving away a LEAFLET containing present truth. {Ms108-1902}
PAMPHLETS and BOOKS should be prepared containing subject matter upon important points of present truth in English, German, French, Swedish, Danish, and Italian. {Lt34-1875}
The distribution of our LITERATURE is one means by which the message is to be proclaimed. Let every believer scatter broadcast TRACTS and LEAFLETS and BOOKS containing the message for this time. {SW, January 5, 1904 par. 2}
I am feeling that we ought to have more LEAFLETS and TRACTS in the place of having less. We ought to have far more to scatter like the leaves of autumn. I feel burdened over this matter. If two-, four-, six-page LEAFLETS and TRACTS were issued that, after every discourse, these little truth advocates could be distributed free, {Lt141-1893}
Let all be fully prepared to disseminate the light by word and by PAMPHLET. There should be hundreds of little TRACTS scattered as the leaves as autumn. {Lt31-1897}
Books and TRACTS, and, above all, the Bible, invite the careful study of all, that they may become intelligent upon the most important of subjects which will reveal their duty in this life, and give them a correct knowledge of how to prepare for the better life than this. {Lt5-1877}
I saw them holding and TRACTS in one hand, and the Bible in the other, while their cheeks were wet with tears; and bowing before God in earnest, humble prayer, to be guided into all truth,–the very thing He was doing for them before they called upon Him. {LS 215.1}
It is several years since light was given me in regard to the need of publishing SMALL BOOKS containing Bible stories and others containing some part of the Bible printed as a whole. {Lt1-1903}
Some would receive more benefit from PAPERS and TRACTS than from BOOKS. PAPERS, TRACTS, and PAMPHLETS that dwell upon Bible lessons, all need attention in the canvassing work, for they are as little wedges that open the way for larger works. {MC 48.1}
By letters, by conversation, by TRACTS, by prayers, by appeals and warnings, as well as by a holy and earnest example, did he try to reclaim the wandering or edify the believer. {Lt40-1892}
TRACTS, PAPERS, and BOOKS, as the case demands, should be circulated in all the cities and villages in the land. Here is missionary work for all to engage in. {Lt3-1913}
Let the workers have at hand LEAFLETS and TRACTS containing the very best selections. If these cannot readily be sold, let them be given away; and good results will be seen from the seed thus sown. {Ms81-1906}
Now is our time to work. LEAFLETS and PERIODICALS, giving plain warnings, should be scattered everywhere. {RH, March 30, 1911 par. 18}
PAPERS and PAMPHLETS and TRACTS all need attention in the canvassing work, for they are as little wedges that open the way for larger works. {Ms122-1899}
The discourses presenting the reasons of our faith should be published in little LEAFLETS, and circulated as widely as possible. Those who introduce the leaven of truth amid the mass of false theories and doctrines may expect opposition. Satan’s batteries will be opened upon those who advocate the truth, and the standard-bearers must expect to meet many sneers and much reviling that is hard to bear. {Ms95-1894}
They prayed, they reached out to God, and they sent out TRACTS and PAMPHLETS everywhere. And wherever this reading-matter has gone, the light of the Sabbath truth has penetrated. Earnest work was done, and constantly our prayers ascended to God, that he would let his power rest upon every one engaged in the work. {RH, May 25, 1905 par. 6}
We gave away many of our large and SMALL BOOKS to families who were unable to buy them, asking them to read them and to lend them to their neighbors. In this way we set one family to work for neighboring families. They would come together and read the BOOKS aloud. As a result, conviction was brought to the hearts of some, and souls were converted. {Lt102-1908}
We have circulated NOTICES, LEAFLETS, and TRACTS, ….. The workers went from house to house. This has been very expensive business, but we have sown the seed upon the ground that has hitherto proved fruitful, not knowing which shall prosper, this or that. A Paul may plant, an Apollos water, but God giveth the increase. {Lt85a-1893}